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Kaf's Corner

Monday, August 29, 2005
A Truly Heroic Act
The technology exists for painless, radiation-free breast screening. Unfortunately, it's not fully developed yet and these guys need about $12 million over the next 5-6 years. Anyone care to donate?.. remember it's not only women who get breast cancer!!
Sunday, August 28, 2005
The Lieutenant's Not-So-Instant Depression Cure.
*This is not medical advice. If you feel depressed, see a doctor before you talk to me. Please. *

This post follows a conversation with a friend. She asked me "Why am I so depressed?".
My answer (for the immediate causes) were illness, lack of sleep and a temporary inability to focus on the good things in life. Fix A & B, then C will follow.
She commented "There are good things in my life?"
Now, I've had depression. Not the psychiatric hospitalisation with suicide watch kinda depression, but it wasn't a day in the fun park either. I did take anti-depressants for a short while, and as I came out of the fog, I realised something, and this is the advice that I gave my friend.
Look for the good things in life. Sometimes they're little things like flowers. Coffee. Someone you don't know smiling at you on the street. Cinnamon raisin bagels. A job offer just when you needed one (Okay.. that's not so little). The more you focus on the good things, and start looking for them to happen, the more likely you are to see them. It's totally true that you will find what you're looking for. If you go into a situation from a negative or insecure place emotionally, you'll get negative vibes back, and you'll be looking (subconsciously) for putdowns and insults. So look for the good stuff. Rainbows after a grey drizzly horrible day. A hot bath. Someone letting you on the bus ahead of them. Really inconsequential stuff can be good stuff if you look at in the right light.
When you climb out of that pit and are feeling better, remember how far you've come, and know that you are strong enough to do it again. Keep focusing on the good and you may not have to.

/amateur psychiatric advice
Saturday, August 27, 2005
EBay Item of the Day

and a nominee for salesman of the decade

Thursday, August 25, 2005
Things that make you go hmmmmm....

Life cannot be classified in terms of a simple neurological ladder, with human beings at the top; it is more accurate to talk of different forms of intelligence, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This point was well demonstrated in the minutes before last December's tsunami when tourists grabbed their digital cameras and ran after the ebbing surf, and all the 'dumb' animals made for the hills. - B R Myers (author, 1963 - )

Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Don Brash - Open Mouth, Insert Foot.

Every election year, I promise myself that this will be the time that I watch all of the election debates. Somehow, I have managed to miss at least two of them again (so far) this time around. Someone remind me to catch the next one. It probably won't be half as much fun, though, unless they throw in Winston Peters and Richard Prebble.. Winnie and Dick are two smaller party leaders (NZFirst and ACT respectively), and you never hear from either of them unless they're stirring up more grief, or (of course) it's an election year. So now they're everywhere. Then there's the thing with Donna Awatere Huata. Okay.. I'm going to skip the next debate too. This all serves to remind me why I'm pretty much apolitical.. kinda right-leaning, but not enough to throw my lot in with them..
BTW, my local MP (who is, of course incredibly popular and has been elected by a pretty large margin for the last four elections) stands for pretty much everything I despise. I get emails and letters encouraging me to email my MP with my opinion on certain subjects. I did it once, just to try and get my point across. He was one of the MP's sponsoring the bill that I was opposed to. I got back a whole bunch of pointless rhetoric and hot air on why the bill I hated was a good thing.

Okay.. I'm going to stop now.
Monday, August 22, 2005
My cunning plan

My plan is to create an interesting, informative, and fascinating blog. Failing that, my plan is to start this with the best of intentions, forget about it and come back months later to find that it has a life of its own, and may possibly be growing new life forms. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.