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Kaf's Corner

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Idiomatic Rant #1
This is not my first rant on grammar, idiom, etc. It's just the first one that I've been able to put on my own blog.
(BTW... This is rhetorical.. I'm ranting.. I know the answers, I'm just letting off steam)

Why, oh, why is any scandal now identified by adding the suffix "-gate"? It applied ONCE. In 1974, when there was a huge political scandal based out of the Watergate Hotel. Which makes sense, because -gate is actually part of the name of the hotel. Since then we've had every -gate imaginable, and it's unlikely to ever end. I thank the reporters for this. I thank them, mostly so they'll come closer and I can shoot them.

In a similar vein, I was watching a "Simpsons" rerun tonight (the one where Bart creates the "Angry Dad" cartoon series), and at one point, (this is what started this entire rant, BTW), Homer says "I'm a rage-oholic. I'm addicted to rage-ohol" and it occured to me that "-oholic" has become a suffix for any kind of addiction. We don't drink alc and have alcoholism as the addiction. We drink alcohol. Admittedly, "Workoholic" is easier on the vocal cords than "work-ic". We could always use "work-addicted" (and so on for other addictions), but we probably never will - not on a grand scale anyway. I know I'm going to change my personal speech patterns now, because I'm aware of it and it's going to bug me. Maybe some people will follow suit, maybe they won't. Either way, I feel better.

Thank you for listening. Or thank you for not listening, but letting me blather on until I felt better. I don't care which one applies. I've said my bit, and I can fixate on something else now.

so the reporters are gate-oholic?  


If so, well, that's quite a huge scandal! It's Gateoholicgate!  



Thanks guys! I needed a laugh.. I may have created a monster though!  


You can go back to fixating on "a semi naked man wearing a large pair of wings".

Sounds good to me.

(And I join you in the annoyance of the -gate syndrom. I hate it.)  


I think we should have a Gategate investigation. I suggest Bill Gates to head the committee.

You'll notice that not everything lends itself to -holic-ness. For example, is Joshkr a pornoholic? Mr Fisher a Guinessoholic? Higgy a pedanticoholic? Whoa, I twisted my tongue on that one...  


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