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Kaf's Corner

Friday, September 16, 2005
Just to lighten the mood a little, after a couple of rants.
...my conversations with a 7 year old about the New Zealand elections. The child in question is staying with me for the weekend.. (white text is me.. in case it's not immediately obvious!) FYI .. child in question has ADD and the Ritalin was wearing off prior to bedtime.

What are we doing tomorrow?

I'm going out to vote. I don't know what you're doing.

Am I going to have a babysitter while you vote?

*Insert explanation here about the fact that I am joking and she will be coming with me*

Why do you vote?

Because it's election time. We vote to choose a Prime Minister.

But we already have a Prime Minister!

Yes, but every three years, someone else gets the chance to try to be Prime Minister. That's why we vote, to choose the person that we want to be Prime Minister.

Oh... okay. So she might not be Prime Minister any more?

If enough people vote for her, she'll still be Prime Minister. Otherwise it will be someone else.

*5 minute break*

But what will the Prime Minister do if she hasn't got a job any more?

She'll still have a job. It'll just be a different job.

Oh. Okay.

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