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Kaf's Corner

Friday, September 30, 2005
Things I wish I'd seen on Dave Barry's Blog
Mostly, I wish I'd seen them because I sent them in and they didn't get blogged. Not a one. I have been trying to find funny stuff, but it seems that I don't have the touch at the moment. That belongs to people like Jeff, Claire and queensbee. Not that I am bitter. Because I have my own blog and I can post whatever I wish to on it!! Oh the power!! Bwahahahahahaha!!

Firstly, we have Sign #473 that you've run out of other things to do at work ...
Your greatest achievement thus far has been this.

I think I posted this on the Moat. For those of you who have come across my blog randomly, this will be new..
When you're really desperate for money, kidnap a small child and enter this competition.

Lastly (because there is another lastly after this one, but I only sent it off today, so I'm giving it another 24 hours before I unleash it on my blog. Although it's probably safer for everyone when it's contained.)..
May I present the first Halloween-related productivity enhancer of the season... How to Carve A Pumpkin

More to come if I continue to be ignored by the powers-that-be.

Ahhh, get it off my cursor!!! *shakes mouse violently*  


Kill the spammers!

A Baltimore scientist has used a protein called Hairless in hair progenitor cells to restore follicle growth in genetically hairless mice.

Then shouldn't he have called it "Hairy"??

Just asking.  


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