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Kaf's Corner

Monday, September 12, 2005
The University of Virginia Computer Science Department
Have waaaaay too much time on their hands.

Don't forget to scroll down and visit their other links.

What's the record for sp*mming?
I just got sp#mmed within 3 minutes of posting. Totally bizarre.  


Scary, Kaf. I just linked Mary Pickford and Herve Villechaize in 3 moves!  


What can I say; it's a party school.  


Hmmm, I'll have to ask Mad about that.  


lol Jeff... I tested it out with Merle Oberon and someone current (can't remember who it was now..) and it linked them in about 3 or 4 moves. People like Brando and Olivier help. They've been in movies with everyone except Tupac. I think they've even been in movies with Kevin Bacon.  


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