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Kaf's Corner

Monday, September 26, 2005
Words, words, words...
There are words that make you feel. I've been thinking about them since approximately this time last night when Slyeyes used the word "hankering" in a conversation. "Hankering" is a funny word.. repeat it out loud half a dozen times and you'll see what I mean. It sounds a little awkward, and (IMO.. which is the entire reason for having your own blog... ) it doesn't convey the feeling of what you're trying to express. None of this is in any way meant to pick on Sly.. she's wonderful and amazing, and she got me thinking, and is therefore responsible for the content of this post. So I guess I am picking on her a leeetle bit!

There are words that I love... silky, satiny words like caramel, gracious and evanescent (or silky and satiny).. words that feel lush and just rrrroooollllll off of your tongue so smoothly. There are words that you could just fall into, like opaque or ... well that's the only example I can come up with right now. Then there are words like hankering and chartreuse which I don't dislike, but make me a bit uncomfortable.. they just don't sit right with me. They feel as though I should look for another word to describe them, something that works a little bit better for me. .

What are some of your favourite/most despised words?

Favorite word.. Present. As in gift, not accounted for. Cause I'm a mercenary biatch. But either saying it or hearing it said work equally well on my like-o-meter.
Least favorite word.. Moist. Unless it's used in terms of a yummy cake. Nothing else on earth should be described as moist. This doesn't mean I haven't used it for comedic values however.  


Hankering sounds like it should only be said in The Music Man or something else set in the early 1900s in the Midwest.

I don't like chartreuse as a word or as a color!

Words I like? Hmm, I'll have to get back to you on that.

Words I hate? Start with "bling".  


"I've got a hankering for a spankering" - Homer Simpson  


Bulbous Bouffant by the Vestibules. Often found on Dr. Demento CDs.  


My latest favorite: Pedagogy.

It has delicious complexity and is so focused. I'm not troubled by new words joining our language since we are losing so many more than we are getting. And pound for pound, what we are losing is so much more valuable. ("Shizzle" compared to "Churlish")

And we have such a puny language to begin with (yes, even the "borg" of English is puny and handicaps our brains).

More than a dozen words for "puke" and yet a word like "love" gets used for dozens of different meanings. Whats up with that?

And I'd LOVE a gender neutral personal pronoun so we can dispense with the whole "himself or herself / he or she / his or her" nonesense.

[calls Orwell]

"hello? I'd like to place an order for some more words please?  


I agree. I've seen some people (I've probably done it myself) use a plural which isn't technically correct but seems to sound better than the forced "he or she."

i.e. "Someone left their jacket here" rather than "Someone left his or her jacket here."  


Geeze, Mike, you are starting to make sense! (NTTATWWI). Is the prospect of marriage that sobering?

On the other hand, I've noticed that the more unpleasant one's circumstances, the easier it is for them to achieve mirthvahna.

Good for you!  


(and, of course, by "make sense" I mean "agree with me" in my usual arrogant fashion)  


LOL Deon..
Is that something along the lines of - you don't have to agree with me.. you're entitled to be wrong any time you like!

I may have been known to say that a time or two myself..

BTW.. quick, informal poll..
know-en or known? and why?  




*runs to find dictionary under pile of paperwork crap*  


*head spins*

*passes out*  


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