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Kaf's Corner

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Quote of the Day
From the book that's currently on my bedside table, Lifeless by Mark Billingham*.. Seriously, I almost snorked coffee right out of my nose.

"McDonald's is a one-off, though," Spike said. "I reckon you could order a burger in here stark bollock-naked with your underpants on your head and a turd in each hand and they'd still ask you if you'd like fries with it."

*If you've never read Mark Billingham, he writes pretty brutal police thrillers set in London. Excellent stuff.. start with Sleepyhead (followed by Scaredy Cat, Lazy Bones and The Burning Girl.. that'll bring you up to date.)
Things I wish I'd seen on Dave Barry's Blog 2
This might become a recurring theme.

This article might just sound like airline staff being petty and bitchy until you realise that they're upset because Air New Zealand is trying to turn its staff into Thunderbirds puppets. Amazingly enough, the guy on the right in this pic is NOT an airline flight attendant, he's Air NZ's CEO. He'd fit in quite well, though.

Border security
is getting really, really picky.
Friday, October 07, 2005
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Yes it is..We're one week into it in case you haven't heard or seen it anywhere yet, in which case, which rock have you been hiding under?

I just wanted to point out, for those of you living in NZ or Australia, making a donation is as easy as going to your local Baker's Delight and buying a finger bun with pink icing. Only $1.50 and every cent goes to breast cancer research. Not just the profits .. every cent. Good on you, Baker's Delight. Oh, and while you're there, pick up a Caramel Cinnamon Teacake. Thoroughly decadent. Enough calories in one bite to last you a couple of weeks. You (and your doctor, who will retire to the Bahamas based on your bills alone) can thank me later.

UPDATE!! This blog has just been informed of a vaccine for cervical cancer! This is great news.. when it finally gets approved, it's even better news! I know this is breast cancer awareness month and that the cervix and the breast are in different parts of the body. Hopefully, scientists will work their medical way north quickly!
Brains, brawn and a sense of the ridiculous
I'm going husband-hunting here!

Sunday, October 02, 2005
Can't find a Christmas present for that special someone?
You could always get them this lovely album.. as advertised on CNN
Saturday, October 01, 2005
There's no last lastly.. but there is a killer rabbit.
Well, my "lastly last" post that I was saving for today was the "rock snot algae" post which did make it onto the DB blog. So, for your entertainment, (with a *lick* and a profound apology to the lovely Wolfie..) I give you the killer rabbit......

Unimportant factoid - Daylight Saving Time begins overnight. 2am (10am US EDT) becomes 3am and I miss one hour's sleep.. so if I'm a bit stranger than usual tomorrow, you'll understand... I hope.