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Kaf's Corner

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Quote of the Day
From the book that's currently on my bedside table, Lifeless by Mark Billingham*.. Seriously, I almost snorked coffee right out of my nose.

"McDonald's is a one-off, though," Spike said. "I reckon you could order a burger in here stark bollock-naked with your underpants on your head and a turd in each hand and they'd still ask you if you'd like fries with it."

*If you've never read Mark Billingham, he writes pretty brutal police thrillers set in London. Excellent stuff.. start with Sleepyhead (followed by Scaredy Cat, Lazy Bones and The Burning Girl.. that'll bring you up to date.)

"can I have extra ketchup for my turd?"  


Of course, sir! You deserve a break today!

*feels really old, remembering that particular slogan.*  


"Sorry, sir, we don't serve weiners here."  


LOL, Mike.

Kaf, Billingham was at the recent Bouchercon mystery convention in Chicago. I missed him but people who went to his panels said he was hilarious in person - like a standup comic.  


OK, I took your word for it and have Sleepyhead coming from the library.  


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