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Kaf's Corner

Saturday, October 01, 2005
There's no last lastly.. but there is a killer rabbit.
Well, my "lastly last" post that I was saving for today was the "rock snot algae" post which did make it onto the DB blog. So, for your entertainment, (with a *lick* and a profound apology to the lovely Wolfie..) I give you the killer rabbit......

Unimportant factoid - Daylight Saving Time begins overnight. 2am (10am US EDT) becomes 3am and I miss one hour's sleep.. so if I'm a bit stranger than usual tomorrow, you'll understand... I hope.

That is just soooo humiliating.
*slinks off in shame*  


I was thinking, "Gee, that's strange, doesn't daylight savings time usually begin in the spring... and.. oh, right... New Zealand. *cough* I knew that."  


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