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Friday, November 25, 2005
Imagine, If You Can
So, I send one perfectly innocent text to my brother.... however, it seems that texting is getting me into trouble more and more as time goes by..
I just wanted to know if he was going to Parachute this summer (Parachute being an annual Christian rock festival held over three days in January.. it's held in the North Island..)
*Editor's Note: Dave is 27. 6 ft 4, 250lbs (mostly muscle), shaggy curly red hair (which he's growing with a view to getting dreaded), hazel eyes. He's scary big. Tattoos on both arms, one shin and right shoulderblade. Pierced in a couple of place - face only. You need this mental image to get the sense of the rest of this post. Having said that, he's one of the nicest guys I know and I love him to bits. I'm so proud to be his sister..*

Me: Are you going to Parachute this year?
Dave: No. Why?
Me: I just saw some fundraising stuff for Parachute and thought of you.
Dave: I haven't gone for a couple of years. It's a young person's game. I'm not into the camping out thing any more.
Me: You feeling your age already?
Dave: Not anymore... just picked up a scooter.. nothing like a ride on a 50cc hog to make you feel young again.
Me: I'd pay good money to see a picture of that
*at this point, I meant a picture of him ON the scooter, but the next message went as follows..*
Robot: Your phone is unable to receive picture messages. Please log onto this website, using the following code to retrieve your picture
So I went to the website.. and this is what was waiting for me.......
This Is The Beast
Saturday, November 19, 2005
For This, I Am Truly Thankful
I'm taking a mini leaf out of Mr Fisher's book. I'm aware that Thanksgiving is coming up this week for my sweet and wonderful US friends (a couple of the grumpy ones may also be celebrating, but they're mostly into it for the tryptophan turkey buzz..). What I'm trying to say is .. Happy Thanksgiving, guys.. and here's a few things for which I am grateful (in the order they come to mind..).

1. God. First and foremost. Everything in my life flows out from that point.
2. Dark chocolate (Wolfie.. the wolfiechoc is dangerous! I don't think I need the sex toys.. just more of that!)
3. Christmas and all it represents. And (3.1) the presents.
4. my amazing, incredible, totally insane family. Words aren't enough.
5. Waking up. Well, I'd be more thankful if I could wake up and not have to get up for work, but still.. every day above ground's a good day.
6. Museums and art galleries. A bit naff, (and I spend half the time in galleries saying "I could have eaten chilli con carne and icecream and thrown up something more talented than that!" [or words to that effect!]), but I love the quietness and reflection.. the sense of history.
7. The Internet, and whoever it was that figured out that it was possible on a mass scale.
8. Friends you've never met, yet would (and do) trust with your heart and soul. Damnit.. now I'm getting all teary again. I am such a sap.But they're happy tears, so that's okay.
9. L & P. The best fizzy drink ever. There's an L & P stand in Heaven, y'know. It's right next to the Subway where they don't ask stupid questions, like if you want lettuce or tomato on your BLT sub.
10. Gloria Jean's Coffee. That's a place, not a person. Well maybe a person too, but I suspect that Gloria Jean is a bit like Betty Crocker.
11. The laughter of small children
12. Laughter. Anyone's. As long as it's not at someone else's expense
13. The freedoms offered by democracy, however brutally flawed it may seem. We truly don't know how blessed we are, and in a very selfish way, I hope that we never lose that naievete.
14. Electricity. I may moan about the bill I receive, but I'm medium-high maintenance, and I wouldn't want to be without it!
15. Music. Even the stuff I don't like.
16. Books. Even the stuff I don't like.
17. New life and new beginnings. Every end is only a beginning of something that we can't yet know.

Happy Thanksgiving, My Friends!
Thursday, November 17, 2005
Nap Time
This blog queen needs some sleep desperately. I haven't been ignoring you for any good reason, except that I'm out of the house for almost 12 hours a day with work, then when I get home, I have to find time for writing the papers that are a course requirement - the course finishes in three weeks, and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm gonna be up to this.
That's on top of my commitment to helping my church get its Christmas float ready for the Santa Parade this year (I'm in charge of organising the "giveaways"`for the kids watching the parade), getiing my trousers repaired in time for the work Christmas function tomorrow night (honestly, the zip could have waited until Saturday to decide to go bust!), getting things done for everyone else.... and I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. Add to that the fact that I'm eating like a pregnant woman (and NO, I am not pregnant), so I don't know from one day to the next if I can face food, let alone what I'm going to want to eat and when I'm going to want it.

I am Lt Woman. I am Invincible. I am TIRED.
Friday, November 11, 2005
Fifty ways to leave your lover....
oops.. I mean 50 things you don't know about me. But you soon will. Then you may wish you didn't, but it will be too late! Bwahahahahahahaha!
(PS - I was tagged by the lovely Wolfie *lick*)

1. I love completely. Black and white .. no shades of grey.
2. I depise in pretty much the way.
3. I value fidelity and loyalty in any relationship.
4. I was paralysingly shy as a child.
5. In RL, I still am incredibly shy around people I don't know.
6. I need coffee first thing in the morning. Or else.
7. I love summer.
8. I love Christmas (okay, you knew that, but it deserves repeating!)
9. I slept with my teddybear until I was a teenager. Then someone embarassed me into giving it up.
10. Several years later, when I was more mature, I dug him out again and spent some more quality time with him.
11. His name is NooNoo - he was named by my aunty and it was her nickname for her husband, Neil.
12. My first "adult" kiss was from a family friend named Stephen. I was 16, he was 18.
13. I wish I'd had the courage to follow up on that kiss, because he was a great guy.
14. My fantasy holiday is a cruise around the Mediterranean... then a walking tour around Greece and Italy.
15. When I was 20, I wanted to change my name by deed poll.
16 Given the chance, I'd probably do it today. But not for the same reasons.
17. I've never watched any of the Star Wars movies. Ever.
18. (No shocker here, but...) Men in uniform are HOT.
19. My favourite number is 17. For no good reason.
20. I overthink everything. Twice. Sometimes three times.
21. I like to think positive
22. Even when I do, I still have the worst case scenarios running around in the back of my head.

you can skip the next couple if you want to.. they're intimate women's stuff.....

23. I have polycystic ovary syndrome (multiple cysts on the ovaries, a buttload of not-fun side effects)
24. It means (among other things) that I'll need medical assistance if I ever want to get pregnant.
25. I am scared that if I ever get to
that fess-up point in a long-term relationship, the man that I love will not want to stay with me because it looks like too much hard work. (I haven't had to get to that point yet.)
26. I'm almost in tears now, because that's my biggest fear, and it't the one I virtually never talk about.

okay, you can come back now.

27. I'm mildy claustrophobic.
28. I'm quite opinionated and judgmental (this goes with thoughts 1 & 2), but I'm usually willing to listen to anyone that I respect who has a differing opinion.
29. I am a pro-lifer.(This follows on from 23 and 24, unsurprisingly)
30. I am anti the death penalty. I don't believe you can be pro one and anti the other - death is death regardless of circumstances (see #28 again!)
31. I find it very difficult to say no to my friends if they need help.
32. I have an overdeveloped guilt complex
33. Reading while having music in the background is one of my favourite ways to spend a day.
34. I am completely anal retentive about the way my cupboards are organised.
35. Anything that doesn't get put in a cupboard (even if it should be) lands where it falls and must fend for itself.
36. I've only been drunk once in my life. I hated the way I felt, all depressed and petty and mean, yet totally clear-headed, so I've never over-indulged again.
37. All I drank that night was beer, and I hate the stuff now. Not that I liked it that much in the first place.
38. I wish that I could meet all of my internet friends face-to-face.
39. I wish I knew why it was easier to confide things like these in a forum like this, than to my best RL friend. She does know all of this, but somehow, it's a lot easier to post it online.
40. I have a well-honed sense of the ridiculous.
41. I love cooking. Baking, too. I find it therapeutic.
42. I believe this is the answer to life, the universe and everything.
43. My favourite guilty pleasure is a glass of wine, a block of chocolate and cuddling up on the couch to watch a B & W movie.
44. I love cats, but my house hates them.
45. I wish I could learn enough to earn a degree without having to participate in a formal study curriculum, because I'm not wired to learn by being taught, I'm wired to learn by doing, and classes don't help me at all.
46. My sister and brother are two of my best friends in the world, and I know (from other's stories) just how rare that is and how lucky I am.
47. Don't mess with my family or I'll hurt you, no matter how much I love you.
48. I can't wear halter tops. Well, technically, I can, but I shouldn't. Mostly for safety and modesty's sakes.
49. I am more bold in my imagination than I am in my real life.
50. I tend to be flippant when I'm struggling to deal with something emotionally.

Well, there you have it. I'm going to tag someone else now.. hmmmmmm let me think... Dr Mad, paging Dr Mad, please report with your list of 50 things about yourself!!
I suppose I really should head over and let her know she's been tagged.

Later, taters!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
News Flash for ... well, not anyone, really.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I love everything about it. The commercial side, the spiritual side, the sense of family.. and because NZ doesn't have Thanksgiving, I can start celebrating NOW!! Or weeks ago, like I did.

Now I'm not one of those OTT decorate anything that doesn't move for longer than 30 seconds types. I prefer classic, simple stuff, and my house is not a Santa's grotto (although I know several that are...) and I try to avoid tacky over-decorating - closer to Christmas I'll see if I can post some pics of my loungeroom . I don't decorate outside because I live upstairs and it's easier to put pretty things in the window than out on the street, as they tend to disappear. Today is November 9th and I've taken all the regular (and some irregular) music out of my CD changer and tape deck, replacing it all with Christmas music. Yes. Already. I know. I'm thoroughly unrepentant, too. So there.

The colour scheme for my tree this year will be dark blue, silver and these amazing, description-defying baubles that just had to be added. You see, when you see them in the packet alone, they just look matte black with a kind of tealy-green tinge (which sounds really odd, I know, and doesn't do it justice at all, but there's no other way to attempt to explain it...). Then when you get them in light they reflect whatever colour they're near, they're almost irridescent ($10 word of the day!). Just beautful. Stunning, really.
Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Feeling Tired & Rundown?
Don't let the opportunity pass you by! Book a Gorgeous Getaway! Look and feel 10 years younger in no time!
Friday, November 04, 2005
The Lakeview

My friend, Marie (who has recently moved to Kourou, Frech Guyana with her fiance) sent me this photo of the lakeview from her balcony. I just want to say here and now, I'm not jealous at all. She can live in a tropical paradise and I'll just be happy for her, without any jealousy whatsoever. Me, green with envy? Noooo.....
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Natural Selection Thwarted Again.
I think if anyone's stoopud enough to do this, then we should let Mother Nature whup their arses in her own time.