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Kaf's Corner

Saturday, November 19, 2005
For This, I Am Truly Thankful
I'm taking a mini leaf out of Mr Fisher's book. I'm aware that Thanksgiving is coming up this week for my sweet and wonderful US friends (a couple of the grumpy ones may also be celebrating, but they're mostly into it for the tryptophan turkey buzz..). What I'm trying to say is .. Happy Thanksgiving, guys.. and here's a few things for which I am grateful (in the order they come to mind..).

1. God. First and foremost. Everything in my life flows out from that point.
2. Dark chocolate (Wolfie.. the wolfiechoc is dangerous! I don't think I need the sex toys.. just more of that!)
3. Christmas and all it represents. And (3.1) the presents.
4. my amazing, incredible, totally insane family. Words aren't enough.
5. Waking up. Well, I'd be more thankful if I could wake up and not have to get up for work, but still.. every day above ground's a good day.
6. Museums and art galleries. A bit naff, (and I spend half the time in galleries saying "I could have eaten chilli con carne and icecream and thrown up something more talented than that!" [or words to that effect!]), but I love the quietness and reflection.. the sense of history.
7. The Internet, and whoever it was that figured out that it was possible on a mass scale.
8. Friends you've never met, yet would (and do) trust with your heart and soul. Damnit.. now I'm getting all teary again. I am such a sap.But they're happy tears, so that's okay.
9. L & P. The best fizzy drink ever. There's an L & P stand in Heaven, y'know. It's right next to the Subway where they don't ask stupid questions, like if you want lettuce or tomato on your BLT sub.
10. Gloria Jean's Coffee. That's a place, not a person. Well maybe a person too, but I suspect that Gloria Jean is a bit like Betty Crocker.
11. The laughter of small children
12. Laughter. Anyone's. As long as it's not at someone else's expense
13. The freedoms offered by democracy, however brutally flawed it may seem. We truly don't know how blessed we are, and in a very selfish way, I hope that we never lose that naievete.
14. Electricity. I may moan about the bill I receive, but I'm medium-high maintenance, and I wouldn't want to be without it!
15. Music. Even the stuff I don't like.
16. Books. Even the stuff I don't like.
17. New life and new beginnings. Every end is only a beginning of something that we can't yet know.

Happy Thanksgiving, My Friends!

Sauron plans to build a superhighway from Mordor to Gondor using non-union orc labor, which will also put all the shops in Ithilien out of business! Can you stop him?  


I am Lt. Superwoman! I can........
Oh, wait. I'm Lt. Woman. No, I can't. I can, however, trash him into oblivion. That's always fun. I'm thankful for that. However, the superhighway will now be used for good, rather than evil.  


And a happy day of thanks to you too, my friend.



PUNKY - we miss you. Come back soon. Pleeeease.  


Happy Thanksgiving Kaf!!

(long multi-continental reaching HUG)

I'll think of you while I'm sinking my teeth into a juicy breast!!

of Turkey, I mean. Sheesh.



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