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Kaf's Corner

Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Natural Selection Thwarted Again.
I think if anyone's stoopud enough to do this, then we should let Mother Nature whup their arses in her own time.

As a native, albeit former, Californian, I can vouch for the probable need to warn would-be tsunami surfers against paddling out to meet The Big One, hoping to ride it all the way into Pasadena ("Diiid! That was, like, AWESOME!").

They're lovable, those surfers, but not always reliably reality based.

Also, thanks, Lt. Woman, for stopping by the ant farm and for the link. I've got you bookmarked. Always glad to meet another daveblogger.

Also, some ancestors of mine lived in Duniden (Dunedin?) NZ for a generation or two. There might even still be a few around, somewhere.  


Actually I think a character in Niven/Pournelle's Lucifer's Hammer did just that. A giant meteor slams into the earth creating a monstrous tidal wave. This surfer doesn't know it's coming, but when he sees it, he figures he's going to die anyway, so why not go out in style. He does pretty good actually up until he smacks into a large downtown building.  


Damn pesky buildings. They can really get in the way of a good wave.

lk... anytime! I picked up your blog link off the Y group.. that's where I got most of my bloglinks from - I just pop in occasionally to see if things have been added!
Dunedin's about 4 hours drive south of where I am (guy driving that is.. over, but not too far over the speed limit, and no bathroom or shopping breaks.)  


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