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Kaf's Corner

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
News Flash for ... well, not anyone, really.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I love everything about it. The commercial side, the spiritual side, the sense of family.. and because NZ doesn't have Thanksgiving, I can start celebrating NOW!! Or weeks ago, like I did.

Now I'm not one of those OTT decorate anything that doesn't move for longer than 30 seconds types. I prefer classic, simple stuff, and my house is not a Santa's grotto (although I know several that are...) and I try to avoid tacky over-decorating - closer to Christmas I'll see if I can post some pics of my loungeroom . I don't decorate outside because I live upstairs and it's easier to put pretty things in the window than out on the street, as they tend to disappear. Today is November 9th and I've taken all the regular (and some irregular) music out of my CD changer and tape deck, replacing it all with Christmas music. Yes. Already. I know. I'm thoroughly unrepentant, too. So there.

The colour scheme for my tree this year will be dark blue, silver and these amazing, description-defying baubles that just had to be added. You see, when you see them in the packet alone, they just look matte black with a kind of tealy-green tinge (which sounds really odd, I know, and doesn't do it justice at all, but there's no other way to attempt to explain it...). Then when you get them in light they reflect whatever colour they're near, they're almost irridescent ($10 word of the day!). Just beautful. Stunning, really.

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