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Kaf's Corner

Sunday, December 25, 2005
An Observation & A Question
Today being Christmas Day, I've been away playing. However, I saw a couple of things today and I thought I'd share one of them.

My niece is 2 yrs 8 months, and this year is the first year she's really gotten into the gimme gimme thing with Christmas. She understands the whole giving and getting concept this time around. One of the other children at Christmas lunch had been given a packet of 18 bracelets. When M saw them, her face lit up. She went over to pick them up. K (her mother) said "No darling, those aren't yours, those are C's". M's face fell for a second or two, then brightened again as she looked at her mother and asked "But I can have them?".

*Our family are all Christians, and the following conversation presumes that you believe as we do, in Intelligent Design, with the God of the Bible as Creator... if this isn't your belief, just be aware that this is where the conversation started out....*

Over dinner & dessert, D (my brother) was telling us that K had asked him a question that had kept him thinking all week. So she took over the conversation and said "It's pretty simple, really. What did God create square? It can't be anything man-made, or subject to enviromental change, it has to be something that was created square". Dad came up with a block of chocolate, but unfortunately, that didn't pass the standards required. Chocolate, however, will be available in Heaven. D said "Dad", but I think that's one of those time and erosion things...
Can anyone else think of anything that qualifies?
Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Shameless Self-Promotion
Mostly just 'cos... I've been mooching round in World Crossing. Now I get my own forum there....

The Book Corner - books & other stuff.. mostly books, but put in your own $0.02 - You need to join World Crossing to comment, but if you use the free version, you get l0 posts every 24 hours, or the premium version ($l2/year) gives you unlimited posting. Come on over & poke round in the corners.. if you dare...

Suggestions for new discussion topics most welcome..
Saturday, December 03, 2005
Merry Christmas... & Don't Forget To Decorate...
Friday, December 02, 2005
Don't Drink & Drive Sleighs
The Sober S@nt@ G@me

Sorry, guys.. the @ still isn't working properly. Hopefully the link works. I'll test drive it soon..

Upd@te: The link works perfectly.. enjoy (excl@m@tion m@rk)

  • @ rrow keys move S@nt@
  • Drink & e@t by w@lking up to the food/drink
  • Don't step on the tr@in tr@cks.. unless you're @ s@dist. In which c@se.. go right @he@d.
I've sent this to judi, but I h@ven't seen it on the MB yet. M@ybe one d@y.