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Kaf's Corner

Friday, December 02, 2005
Don't Drink & Drive Sleighs
The Sober S@nt@ G@me

Sorry, guys.. the @ still isn't working properly. Hopefully the link works. I'll test drive it soon..

Upd@te: The link works perfectly.. enjoy (excl@m@tion m@rk)

  • @ rrow keys move S@nt@
  • Drink & e@t by w@lking up to the food/drink
  • Don't step on the tr@in tr@cks.. unless you're @ s@dist. In which c@se.. go right @he@d.
I've sent this to judi, but I h@ven't seen it on the MB yet. M@ybe one d@y.

And for god's sake don't dance him across the tracks just to watch him fry. That would be wrong wrong wrong.

Level 18 ring 5 and still falling. Yup.
Think I'll go to the mall and torture a santa today.  


wear the cute little undies with the candycane arrows...  


Don't know when you've checked last, but it was posted on Dave's blog!  


yeah... I figured out how to get through to judi...
The woman's a sweetheart..and a saint  


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