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Friday, January 13, 2006
Black Friday
Y'know, I'd forgotten about this.

Sure, I knew it was Friday, and I knew it was the 13th, but I hadn't even thought about FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH (Insert evil laugh here)

Then there was this note on my Page-A-Day Calendar (This year's version.. random facts and trivia)

Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg was obsessed with the number 13. He was born on September 13, 1874, and believed he would die on the 13th as well. Probably, he decided, on a Friday the 13th, and most likely in 1951 when he was 76 (7+6=13). That year, July 13 fell on a Friday, and Schoenberg stayed in bed all day, awaiting death. Late that night, his wife went into his room to check on him and scold him for wasting the day so foolishly. When she opened the door, Schoenberg looked up at her, and uttered the single word "...harmony..." - and died. Time of death: 11:47pm - 13 minutes to midnight.

As I retype this, I'm getting more sceptical. I'll go check Snopes and report back in a bit.

UPDATE: Snopes have nothing on it. Wikipedia and Answers.com both seem to have the 11:47 story. So it could actually be true. That's a nice change.

That's very creepy!  




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