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Kaf's Corner

Thursday, January 26, 2006
The Phone Conundrum
or where does the phone go when you're looking for it?

This is my phone. Well, it's a picture of my phone with the three different cover options.. it's currently wearing its charcoal faceplate. Classic, timeless, blah blah blah.

I bought this particular model because it had an integrated digital answering machine. That was the reasoning. That and the reasonable price.. (umm.... $170 NZD, I think? Soemthing like that.) This was after losing the previous answering machine in a house move. I can't lose this one though. It's in the phone.
The problem seems to be that I lose the phone on a regular basis. As you can see in the picture, there is a button on the base. If you can't find the phone, you press the button and the phone starts whistling at you. Until you make it stop, by pressing a button on the phone.
I get to do this A LOT.
The main problem is the size of the phone. More than once I have put in in a jacket/jeans/robe/pants pocket, then hung the clothing in the wardrobe and been unable to find the phone.
Then there's the times that it's in the pocket of a piece of clothing, and I'm wearing the clothing and I'm looking for the phone because I can hear it, but it's not ANYWHERE, damnit!! I know because I've looked everywhere!
Other times, I leave it behind in rooms I've left, or it falls under a pile of junkmail or a stack of library books. It doesn't usually migrate into cracks in the sofa, because it's slightly too chunky for that.

So... all of that preamble leads to my questions.. sort of a poll if you will - sohrt and simple ...
1. Does this happen to anyone else?
2. Is it worth having a cordless phone given what a pain it was to stay in one place with a wall phone (which are virtually impossible to lose unless you're very clever)?
3. If it is only me, am I ..
a) insane
b) sane, but pathologically disorganised
c) either
d) both
e) some combination of any or all of the above

Don't worry, Kaf. This happens to me all the time, albeit with my mobile phone back when I still used it. Now it's in the closet somewhere, but when I was in Spain I kept having to look all around the house frequently, searching for it. It would pop in the strangest of places - behind the breadbasket, in a kitchen drawer, at the bottom of my aunt's bag, on the clinic reception desk, etc.

I don't mind phones with cords. I barely ever use phones, so staying in place while talking wouldn't bother me at all.

So yes, you're sane but disorganised, like me.  


1. Yes.

2. Oh, my yes.

3. F. None of the above. Small phones are designed to be lost. This is how the clever phone manufacturers get rich.  


Shoot, Kaf. At least the phone has a button so we can page it, or I'd never know where it is. I've found it in the garage, in the fridge, behind the dryer, and in the mailbox. I just wish the TV remote had a base and a pager as well.  


This never happens to me. I always know where the phone and the keys are. My daughter, however...that's different. I spend several minutes a day trying to track down her phone and her keys. She also misplaces the remotes regularily.

I have called her cell on my cell just so I can hear it ringing and find it.  


Maybe it's a woman thing Kaf, because it never happens to me. But Peri has no problem either and she's a woman, right? So it can't be that, I guess.

Maybe it is you. No really, I used to have a problem with my keys - I even left them in the front door a couple of times - but not the phone.  


kaf, I recently lost my cell phone which is about the size of your phone. Stay with me here! It was gone for about a week but I didn't want to believe that I had lost it because it had some great photos on it that I hadn't downloaded. After I had checked with every place I had been in the past MONTH, I came to grips with the notion that it was really gone.

No more than 20 minutes after that realization, my husband handed me my cell phone. He had put it in a jacket pocket a week earlier, thinking it was his, and had just found it.

Now, Hubby has lost countless phones over the years. Finally, he had lost mine.  


Glad you got it back, Scat! The photos thing is the worst part of it all. You can buy a new phone, but you can't get all the kids/relatives/friends to pose in just that way at just that moment ever again.

Thanks, guys. I'm glad it's not just me!  


don't go in the wardrobe! there's a whole other world in there!  


Definitely not just you Kaf! My cordless also has that button that makes the phone beep until you find it. You wouldn't believe some of the places I've found it!!

*snork* @ Insomniac.  



I'm chronically absent minded. I lose keys, wallets, phones, and stuff in general. I've left my keys in the car door (saying, steal me!) or in my apartment door (Sure! come on in and take what you want!) and a host of other things.

BUT i have found a way to keep myself from losing my keys and i think it will work for your phone as well.

I use a pipe wrench for a key chain. It's pretty hard to lose a pipe wrench. There pretty big and heavy. Yes, there is the problem of carrying around something big and heavy, but at least i never lock myself out and can always start my car....

You would Only have to carry the pipe wrench in your home while you use the phone. Try it. I bet you never lose your phone again.  


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