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Kaf's Corner

Saturday, January 07, 2006
Toys and Gadgets
Okay.. I'll admit it. I loooooove kitchen gadgets. I am a complete dork in that respect. I looooove the kitchen/homwares department at Ballantynes. I looooove shops like King of Knives (who haven't updated their website since before Christmas.. I've seen all of this!). I went to King of Knives this week and I bought a can opener. But not just any can opener. It was this one...

The GoodCook Orbi SafeCut.

Pretty, huh? In a very artsy way. I don't care as much about the shape, though, as the fact that it opens cans in a particular way, so you can seal them up again.. using the lid as an actual lid, not just balancing it on top or shoving it down into the can, and risking the food drying out or cross contamination.

Yaaaaaay for gadgets!!!

That is a seriously cool can opener! And I'm with you on the housewares department. I try to stay away because I'm easily seduced by almost everything they have.

It's about time you had a new post! =)  


lol. turns out I do know how to post.

Maybe I should do more of these gadgety posts. The biggest surprise was when I took the can opener over to show to my parents, (who now want one of their own), and both of them said "that's her father's daughter!" or words to that effect. Turns out kitchen gadgets make my Dad happy, too. I could have sworn sitting in front of the television watching sports and ignoring the rest of the world was what made him happy. But nooooo.. it's gadgets.  


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