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Kaf's Corner

Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Aero Bars: Consumer Ripoff Mini-Rant

This is a cross-section of an Aero mint choc egg. This is also, pretty much, what the inside of an Aero bar looks like. So basically, while paying the same price as all regular chocolate bars, we're only getting half as much chocolate.

To break this down to its most basic level, Nestle is charging us for AIR. They even went as far as to name the bar "Aero" and still people pay for it. Gggggrrrrrr.

They sell the Aero bar in the "international" section of my grocery store. They cost around $2. For air. Imported air, though.  


And what's worse, it's mint-scented air. I hate hate hate mint chocolates.  


you can get plain choc Aero bars, too Marie. It's just that the only "cross-section" pic I could find was of a mint egg. Look here for a start, or Google it.  


But it's in a cool easter eggy shape. Looks like a green 3 musketeers.
It's all about the marketing.  


I was in a World Market tonight...and found Aero bars. I had to get one...wildly overpriced though it was. I had to try one.

I'll eat MiK's share of the mint chocolate...yum.  


I've been eating the aero bars.

Yes. Lots of air. But the texture is oddly addicting. It's not soft like a three musketeers, it's crunchy, kind of...I like it.  


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