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Kaf's Corner

Friday, March 31, 2006
Friday, Sucky Friday..
The story of Kaf's morning... It started out well. I didn't get to speak to my nearest and dearest online, because RL sucked me into its vortex, but not in a bad way. I was all ready, dressed, hair washed, neat, tidy and prepared in time for the bus at 8:05, which is when I need to leave. So I left. I'm sitting at the bus stop, chatting about inconsequential stuff with another woman who is often waiting there, and then I see the bus a couple of blocks away. So I reach into my bag for my wallet.. HEY! Where's my wallet? Book, keys, tissues, bandaids, makeup, passport (I kid you not), electronic Sudoku puzzle generator, Natural NutBar, random checkout receipt, but no wallet. *cue major panic, and realisation that I'm gonna be late for work*
So I dashed back home, and search under my couch cushions, phone the bus company (hadn't seen it), all the people I was out with last night (none of them were home.. naturally) and finally, in desperation, ring my parents (no answer) then my sister (yes, the one with three kids and a business of her own to run..). She dropped the boys off at school a little early, zapped (not zipped) over, picked me up, and got me to work (with a stop for two large coffees and 4 large choc chip cookies..) AND loaned me $20 to get me through. I (heart) my sister. I was only 7 minutes late for work, but I'd called ahead and let them know what was happening, so it was fine.
After work, I was over at my parents' place (more childherding, this time unpaid), still trying to get hold of people.. the only ones I couldn't get hold of were the ones that I thought were most likely to have it (they'd dropped me home the night before), and I was feeling very stressed - so much so that I bit Dad's head off (figuratively speaking, folks!) when he got home later. I have since apologised and grovelled via text, (To which I got the reply "That's OK. A father's lot is not a happy one. Love, Dad." HUH? I presume this is forgiveness of sorts), so all is okay again. I finally spoke to the couple in question, who (thank goodness!!) do have my wallet and will be dropping it off at some point tonight, although it is after ::11pm now, and I haven't seen them. While this posts, I'm gonna check my mailbox, make sure they haven't just dropped it in there and kept going... eek!

11:22 and all is well. My wallet is back and I just opened it and stared at it. It's scary how much of everything I do is wrapped up in something that (at a guess) stuffed full, wouldn't be more than 24 cubic inches. Although that does make it sound huge.. (approx 2Dx4Lx3W.. not really that big).. but most of my ID, all my cash, notes, receipts, a prescription that I was going to drop in at the pharmacy today, "loyalty cards" and so on..

All I can say is "eeeeeeeeeek!". I'm glad that crisis is over, Kaf.

Though the way I am, whenever I actually start working and have adult-style things like credit cards and bank receipts and a chequebook, they will all still be all mixed up at the bottom of my bag and not neatly in a nice wallet. If I DO get a wallet, it will probably be something in neon colors that my sister will have given to me.  


Looking in your purse and seeing that your wallet isn't there is INSTANT panic! And the relief at finding it is very sweet. Losing it completely is a major ordeal - I'm glad you got it back!  


Scary, Kaf. Once Jackie left hers on a department store counter. Amazingly, when we went back it was still there.

Another time she left her entire bag (we were on the way home from England, so it had passports and everything) on the table at the pizza place we stopped at on the way home. (It was raining and by the time she opened her umbrella and picked up the leftovers she forgot the bag.) Again, when we got back the people who sat at the table had turned it in to the staff.

Lastly, (are we seeing a pattern yet) she left her bag - passports, travellers' cheques, etc. - at a restaurant in Tivoli in Copenhagen. This time we remembered quickly enough to get back there before anything had been cleared from the table. Whew!

I once left a credit card at a local restaurant, and got it back.  


good to see you're not infallible, Jeff!

I regularly put down my bag/keys/books or whatever else I'm holding and then can't find it when I turn around. I've done this is shops, restaurants, libraries, at other people's houses.. I'm just wired that way, I guess. It was the "having everything but one thing" that scared me the most, because the other stuff was not as significant as the wallet. I could have lost my library books, my makeup, pens, tissues, sudoku game, and said "fine.. I'll get a new one" - but I can't do that without my wallet!  


what are 'loyalty' cards? ...sounds sinister to me...  


I once left my wallet in a supermarket in Stockholm, Sweden. It was about 20 minutes before I noticed. Luckily the cashier had turned it over to customer service, and I had my passport separate so that I could prove my identity.

Still, probably the scariest lost item moment of my life so far...  


I finished a 3 hour training session on a new system last week. I was so happy to get out of there, I was so tired from answering questions and thinking thinking thinking, and I was carrying all my binders and stuff. I completely forgot about my purse. I remembered about 30 minutes later when I wanted my wallet to get lunch. Ackkkkkkkk! Major heart attack. Thank goodness it was still where I'd left it!!  


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