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Kaf's Corner

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
It's not funny really. I just keep laughing.
The Commonwealth Games are on. One of NZ's decathletes is this fine specimen of manhood...

His name is Brent Newdick.

if that pole breaks he'll be 'Bent Newdick'



Hey! I was thinking that! For once I thought of something funny but insomniac beat me to it!  


lol.. I sent it to the DB blog, but it obviously didn't make the cut. Good thing I have my own blog.

You shoulda seen him in the high jump.. there was one time there I thought he was gonna hit the bar and turn himself into "Brent Nodick"  


Hasn't he got lovely legs?  


You play Acquire?


*trash talk to commence...look away if you are squeamish*

You probably shouldn't play me at it if we ever have a dull evening together, because your crushing defeat might leave your psyche scarred for life.

I read tiles like a mystic, and CAN remember the top two owners of five companies with ease.

My top income in a three player game is approx $80k US.

Tha's right. Financial badness. Right here.

Anytime Kaf, my friend.

*end trash talk*

[listens for Kaf surfing flight prices]  


*surfs flight prices*

Does it come dipped in solid gold for that price?

You might have to wait a while, Deon.  


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