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Kaf's Corner

Friday, April 07, 2006
Something To Do While You're Waiting
While I'm redecorating, I'm gonna post a puzzle or two for you to play with .. (Update for Insom .. I changed the puzzle.. you're safe now!)

Oh.. and in case I forget, Happy Easter!!

Make your own puzzle at http://www.flash-gear.com/puzzle/

i'm going to regret doing this puzzle, aren't i?

and bring back the weather pixie, she was so flirting with me!  


lol.. she's here if you want to visit in privacy while the shakeup continues.

BTW if there's anyone reading this who knows how to alter a Blogspot script so I can put in a new background pic, can ya email me, please?? I tried to follow the instructions, but they didn't work..  


much nicer!  


kaf, as you know, I'm attempting a new blog look, too. The background changes are easy if you want colors, a biatch if you want patterns.

Either way, I can't explain how to do it! I'll get back to you with a semi-useful book. Mainly it's trial & error.  


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