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Kaf's Corner

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
When Mailboxes Explode
Coming this week to a station with nothing better to add to their programming lineup.. what we found in Kaf's mailbox today.

1. One payslip. The money's gone already, because payday was a week ago, but that's beside the point.
2. The Christchurch Star (free newspaper.. comes out a couple of times a week.)
3. K*Mart's "sale of the week" mailer
4. Bunnings Warehouse mailer (DIY & building/gardening/maintenance stuffs)
5. Noel Leeming mailer (whiteware, electronics)
6. Domino's coupons (pay extra for our Puffection pastry crust!! WTH?)
7. Powerstore mailer (more whiteware n electronic stuffs)
8. Bestbuys mailer (contains advertising for 15 different shops/services.. )
9. Farmers' mailer (department store)
10. The Christchurch Mail (community newspaper - once again, free, comes out once a week)
There's also a Pizza Hutt coupon book, and a Westfield Mall competition entry* near the pile, but I'm pretty sure that they arrived sometime over the weekend.

*shakes head* I thought we were trying to save and sustain the forests.. not shove them in people's mailboxes.

*all I have to do is spend $10 or more to go into a draw to win $5,000! Entries drawn weekly! Also, I could NOT spend $10+ and save that much. If I do that 500 times, I'll get my money back!

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